My name is Dr. William Kessler, I run a sports rehabilitation clinic in the city of Tustin California. I work with mostly high end athletes. I request Dr. George Elias and my associate doctors as well for all of our MRI’s. We’re been working with MRI Diagnostics for over 5 years now and his reports are always very timely, very accurate and consistent reads which we appreciate as well as the orthopedic surgeons that are performing the surgeries on our patients. The Orthos also express to me that they love being able to reach their radiologist if need be before they go into any operating situation. If you have any questions for me, you can reach me at my office 714 258 7116. Thank you.”

Dr William Kessler

My name is Robin and I’m the administrator of a busy imaging center near Seattle, Washington.

Since opening our facility in 1998, we have worked with many radiologists and radiology groups. After years of dissatisfaction, in 2005 we began working with MRI Diagnostics Teleradiology Services. We have been thrilled with their services.

Before using MRI Diagnostics we did not get our reports on time and had difficulty getting the radiologists to call the referring physicians with STAT reports. Sometimes the radiologists would argue amongst themselves about who would read the more difficult cases. Since using MRI Diagnostics those problems have disappeared.

MRI Diagnostics has truly partnered with us, not only in providing expert reports, but also by offering suggestions to increase image quality and improve profitability.”

Robin Cox

I manage an MRI center that sees 60 to 80 patients a day . We have been using MRI Diagnostics Teleradiology Service for about one year . Before using MRI Diagnostics we lost a lot of referring doctors due to incomplete and slow reports. Also because with the other company there was a huge communication problem between radiologists & doctors.

Now that we have partnered with MRI Diagnostic we are really pleased with their super fast services because they are on top of every single referral and we are getting quick responses to our emails and respond to any questions we have regarding doctors orders. I have worked with so many different radiology centers for over 12 years and this is the Best group I ever worked with. Quality is their number one priority and they have the best customer service. Also I like the PACS system that they have. It is very easy , fast and we no longer need 3 employees to manage the medical record department. Since we started working with MRI Diagnostics we only have one employee. With their high tech system there is no faxing, no emailing– nothing! Whatever we need we can go directly to their website . I would highly recommend everyone to try and use MRI Diagnostics services. All I can say is we are really pleased with their high technology, great service, super fast communications, quality and a lot more.”

–MRI Imaging Center Mananger– Zepy

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