Why Choose MRI Diagnostics

Cost Effectiveness (Improve the profitability of your imaging center, hospital, or practice with our turn-key solutions)

  • Compared to other teleradiology companies, we provide competitive pricing to decrease overhead for the imaging center and save them money
  • You can try our quality radiology reading services with no obligation or minimum volume requirement
  • There is no minimum daily requirement to partner with MRI Diagnostics
  • For our clients, the imaging center can use our PACS/RIS for their referring physicians to log into our system and view images and reports. Many of our clients take advantage of this. This will save you from buying an expensive system.

Our Expertise (Expert accurate reads guaranteed by our stable group of sub-specialized board certified radiologist)

  • To learn about our expertise in comparison with other teleradiology companies, our MRI radiologists have done their training in some of the most prestigious fellowship programs and are experts in MRI including MSK, MRI, Neuroradiology, and body MRI. This expertise will attract more referring doctors who will then refer more patients to your center.
  • State-of-the-art teleradiology technology, such as PACS and RIS, ensuring a very efficient workflow model and high quality service
  • High quality final reads by subspecialist radiologists with every specialty including neuroradiologists, MSK radiologists, body imaging radiologists, cardiothoracic radiologists, and PET/Nuclear medicine fellowship trained radiologists

Greater Efficiency (Improve patient care with impeccable, timely reports and secure website portal access)

  • If you look into other teleradiology companies, our proprietary state-of-the-art teleradiology infrastructure ensure the highest levels of efficiency & reliability.
  • Once the images are transmitted to our radiologists, we diagnose the case.
  • Unlike with other companies, staff of the imaging facility and referring physicians are able to directly reach the radiologists of MRI Diagnostics when they have a question. There are no “middle people” to slow down the process and make it difficult. Our proprietary messaging system allows the tech, secretary, manager, etc. to be able to instantly message the radiologists of MRI Diagnostics with their request. Need a stat read or to contact a doctor immediately? Does the referring doctor have a question? The tech needs protocol assistance? We are able to respond to your needs immediately via our proprietary HIPAA-compliant messaging system. At the same time, you are able to reach the radiologists directly.

Personalized Service (Direct consultations between referring physicians and radiologists using state of the art technology)

  • We are an international company, yet our communication with referring doctors has no limits. Stat prelims and stat verbals are done at no additional cost, which makes it a great benefit compared to other teleradiology companies.
  • Compared to other teleradiology companies, we provide very personal service. We have a very stable staff of radiologists that you will get to know, and we do not have a turnover of radiologists. That way, the referring doctors that send orders to your center will get to know the radiologists by name, will feel comfortable, and will trust the quality reads.
  • We have the complete infrastructure with our own PACS/RIS system that you need to look into teleradiology companies. Our clients are able to use our PACS/RIS system and do not need to have a PACS system of their own.
  • Our company provides a turn-key solution that can be used by any imaging center at all capacity levels.

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