What Is An MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, has been widely used for nearly 40 years, and in that time, the technology has undergone several transformations, all to serve patients better and help doctors make informed diagnoses and recommendations regarding treatment. Ever since Dr. Raymond Damadian, the “father of the MRI,” revolutionized medical imaging technology in the 1970s, clinics and hospitals have needed people to accurately read the scans and interpret their findings. At MRI Diagnostics, we can supply those services when you need them most.

Most MRI machines you will see in hospitals and orthopedic clinics are large, tube-shaped machines that are mainly comprised of magnets in protective casings. Once the patient is inside the machine, these magnets realign the hydrogen atoms within the human body. Radio waves then create faint signals within the body, and images are created on the display screen. Once the scan is complete, it can be sent to our radiology team, and we will interpret it, checking for abnormalities and signs of internal injuries. We will return our results in a timely manner, letting doctors relate the results to their patients and decide on the appropriate therapy and treatment.

If your clinic or hospital is understaffed, or you have always outsourced your medical imaging services and are searching for a new partner, find out why we are one of the best MRI reading companies in the country. We understand the technology, as well as how to build a positive relationship with your staff and provide exceptional turnaround times and reading services. We look forward to working with you!