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Imaging Centers, Hospitals, or radiology groups requiring an expert subspecialty teleradiologist.

MRI Diagnostics’ radiologists and the entire staff go the extra mile when it comes to partnering with imaging centers from around the country. We know how competitive this industry has become, and we understand that our readings are an extension of your service. Our company provides a turn-key solution that can be used by any imaging center at any capacity level, large or small.

Physicians and Orthopedic Clinics with in-office MRI or other imaging equipment.

At MRI Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on customizing our services to fit the needs of your facility. We understand that once an orthopedic facility reaches a certain level, it may be necessary and more convenient to begin on-site imaging as well. However, a need for on-site imaging does not necessarily encompass a need for full-time radiology staff. MRI Diagnostics offers a turn-key set-up solution that allows you access to American Board Certified, MRI Fellowship trained radiologists with expertise in orthopedic MRI without sacrificing your payroll.

Professional sports teams and organizations who require immediate diagnostic imaging results for injured athletes.

MRI Diagnostics specializes in orthopedic/musculoskeletal MRI, sports medicine imaging, and spine imaging. MRI Diagnostics provides expert sports medicine imaging services to professional and amateur sports team physicians.

If you are a sports medicine physician, MRI Diagnostics understands your needs and will provide you with accurate, timely readings and personal support for questions when you need clarification. We are MSK radiology experts.

Overseas hospitals and imaging centers in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, including Dubai and Saudi Arabia that need Dayhawk and Nighthawk subspecialty teleradiology where the quality of reports generated by US-trained board certified radiologist is needed.

We have a multilingual staff and are able to accommodate various cultures.

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