Precise Readings for Your Patients

As a physician, you want to provide the very best care for all of your patients, and when a serious issue arises, you want to be able to provide a precise diagnosis. If an internal condition or injury requires an MRI or CT scan, it’s important to be able to provide exact readings, so that you and your patient understand exactly what’s happening. At MRI Diagnostics, we can provide experienced teleradiology solutions, so you have peace of mind that you’re providing exactly what your patient needs.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Another important aspect of medical imaging is turnaround time. Of course, having your own teleradiology staff would be the fastest way to get readings and results, but that’s not always possible for small hospitals and private orthopedic clinics. With our team, you’ll receive rapid turnaround times with specific results, helping you cut down on the interim between readings and diagnosis. It doesn’t matter if you need ultrasound, X-ray, or positron emission tomography (PET) scan results, we’ll send our reports as quickly as possible.

We can read scans from all types of imaging modalities, including open MRIs and upright machines. When you partner with us, you’ll be able to provide every patient with confident results and a precise diagnosis. They’ll be able to go home, knowing that you’re doing everything you can to find the best solution for their condition or injury. To learn more about our teleradiology solutions, or to discuss our services and your imaging options, please contact us right away. We look forward to speaking with you.