Medical Imaging for Those Unknown Conditions

dreamstime_xxl_42959971At MRI Diagnostics, we’ve assisted many clinics and hospitals that need to outsource their medical imaging technology, and we’re always happy when we can help pinpoint an issue or identify an unknown medical condition. A general physician can order an MRI or CT scan, but unless there is an experienced radiologist on staff, they may not be able to interpret the scans and understand exactly what’s going on inside the patient’s body. With our expert assistance,  doctors can provide their patients with clear results and a concise diagnosis.

Accurate CT Results

dreamstime_xxl_37204948CT scans can be used to identify numerous medical conditions, including tumors, cardiovascular disease, and bone injuries. However, if the tumor is small or the reading doesn’t clearly show the presence of disease or injury, it can be beneficial to have a knowledgeable team examine the scan and provide precise results. As a doctor, you don’t want to give any patient false hope, and then have to tell them you made a mistake. With our medical imaging services, you can rest assured that we’ve accurately identified the presence or absence of an issue, thereby eliminating any unknowns.

If your hospital or clinic has encountered an increasing number of rare conditions, or could benefit from the advantages of an experienced diagnostics team, please contact us right away. We offer both dayhawk and nighthawk radiology, and can create the ideal arrangement for your office. With personalized 24/7 service and fast turnaround times, you won’t have to wait for results, and neither will your patients.