Radiologists play a crucial role

Our Promise of Excellence…

Your patients and their health are our number one priority.

At MRI Diagnostics, we understand that radiologists play a crucial role in guaranteeing an accurate diagnosis in patients and it is this diagnosis which ultimately determines the course of treatment that the patient will undergo.

Therefore, at MRI Diagnostics, all of our radiologists are American board-certified and have each completed a rigorous fellowship training program.

Improving your Business…

MRI Diagnostics provides a complete range of reading services for all modalities including MR, CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and X-Ray. Our reliable services will promote the growth of any imaging facility and will build a trust between the referring clinician and your facility.

At MRI Diagnostics, we are not in the business of running hospitals or imaging centers. Put simply, we are here to provide you with superior quality and reliable reading services to help your company continue to grow and succeed.

Our radiologist are comfortable reading all modalities and able to provide expedient interpretations with detailed accuracy. Our clients can expect this type of service regardless of their equipment type or magnet strength. You will never see a suggestion on your report to utilize different kinds of equipment.

Those reports actually suggest the need for a different radiologist. There is no connection fee and no minimum volume requirements. Here at MRI Diagnostics we believe in building long term relationships with our clients and their referring physicians. Clients maintain a relationship with MRI Diagnostics because of our commitment to excellence not because of a large up ront monetary investment.

Whether you choose our entire account coverage or simply need a back-up solution for over flow or vacation, MRI Diagnostics will provide you with the service and piece of mind your patients and staff deserve.