Where do your radiologists reside?

All of our radiologists are in the USA and are board certified and fellowship trained. We are licensed to read your reports in all 50 USA States as well as Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including Saudia Arabia, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Do you read all modalities?

Yes. Comprehensive and accurate interpretations for all areas of radiology including MR, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, PET, and other areas of Nuclear Medicine. We have extensive expertise in MRI imaging including musculo-skeletal, neuro radiology, and body imaging

Is there any minimum volume requirement?

NO There is not a minimum daily requirement to partner with MRI Diagnostics. Unforeseen situations can arise, and without proper coverage, you risk leaving your center vulnerable. We do everything from complete coverage to overflow coverage to vacation coverage. In addition we are able to accommodate your needs for any subspecialty. Many of the centers that our radiologists read for have a core radiology staff of their own

Do you have the technology for our referring physicians to view images and reports online?

Yes. We have state of the art technology for your doctors to see images and reports online, they are given a secure login code to access their images and reports though our website login portal.

Do you have permanent storage solutions for our images?

Yes. We have several options for permanent storage solutions. We offer permanent storage solutions for your imaging facility with redundancy.

Do your radiologists talk to referring physicians when they have questions?


Does MRI Diagnostics provide final reports?

At MRI Diagnostics, the majority of our reports are final reports and we are also able to provide preliminary reports, STAT preliminary reports and STAT verbals. We customize the teleradiology solutions to meet your centers needs.

How much will the initial set up cost?

From our side there is absolutely no cost in getting set up. We will work with your technical department to facilitate the set up on you end. We have been able to set-up most of our clients at little or even no-cost. After the initial site evaluation, we can better gauge an estimate. In some cases, there will be, minimal initial costs associated with technical set-up in establishing connections to your system. Our long and established relationship with Edge Tech Solutions, Inc. have enabled us to provide high-quality, cost-efficient HIPPA-compliant teleradiology solutions in your center.

How long does it take to set up MRI Diagnostics teleradiology services at your practice?

From our side we can get you set up in 24 to 48 hours.. This does require cooperation from your tech department. We have connected many of our clients in under a week. After the initial site evaluation, a time estimate will be given depending on the existing teleradiology/PACS system at your facility. During the set-up phase, open communication between our IT staff and key IT associates at your facility is vital for a timely completion.

Who will read our studies?

All exams are read reviewed and dictated by one or more of our US based board-certified radiologist who live in the US. In addition, subspecialists will read studies according to their area of expertise.

How will you send my report?

We can fax or e-mail reports to you as soon as they are completed. In addition, you can access reports via our secure server. This password-protected portal can be found on our home page.

What areas of subspecialty do you have?

MRI Diagnostics has subspecialists in all areas of radiology, including: cardiac, musculoskeletal, body imaging, neuro radiology, PET imaging. We read all modalities

What if our Medical Staff is concerned that the radiologist will not be onsite?

Our solution guarantees rapid turnaround on reports and ensures that he referring physicians are able to easily reach the radiologist without any delay. We have a very efficient work flow model using proprietary custom developed technology that ensures efficient communication and excellent quality of service.

What is the level of communication between MRI Diagnostics and my facility?

We not only retain the services of exceptional radiologists who are immediately available to your referring physicians, but we also employ a very knowledgeable staff that is ready to immediately address any questions posed by your technologists, administration, ancillary staff or physicians.

What if we do not have an IT staff on hand to help with our setup or connectivity needs?

MRI Diagnostics will provide a free IT consultation, including evaluation of your facility to determine the most secure and affordable hardware and software options. It is in our best interest to assist you in any way to ensure reliable connectivity between MRI Diagnostics and your facility. We have no affiliation with any hardware/software vendor – we simply recommend the best and most cost effective solution based on your existing setup. In addition, we will assist your organization in the negotiation of preferred pricing on any necessary equipment at no charge.

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